Are there Any Hidden Costs Of Data Room Usage?

The Importance of Data Room Usage

One and the same database can be used to solve many applied problems. The presence of metadata and the possibility of information support for solving many problems are fundamental differences between the database and any other set of data located in the external memory of the computer. 

Many programs for computers and mobile devices use cloud servers to store any user and/or internal data on them. If this is, for example, a game on a smartphone, it can transfer the progress of passing, saving, and other technical information to the cloud, and then load it at startup. Moreover, the user can change the device several times, and its save in the game will not be lost – the main thing is to connect to his account from the game application.

Here are some more examples of using the setting up a data room:

  1. Automatically save videos, audio, and photos in the cloud when you capture/record them in the corresponding application on your phone.
  2. Saving video recordings from CCTV cameras. And this can be done in different ways. Both the programs installed on the PC and the equipment itself – cameras and/or video recorders – can send recording files to the cloud.
  3. All email programs and instant messengers also store user correspondence and attachments in cloud storage.
  4. Various desktop utilities (for example, applications for installing drivers or software), antiviruses, and a number of other programs whose task is to download and update data work with cloud storage.

Cloud technologies are not limited to data warehouses alone. There is also the term “Cloud Computing”, which can be easily confused with cloud storage. It is not difficult to distinguish them. Cloud computing systems are designed specifically for computing, not permanent storage of large amounts of data. For example, a developer has created some kind of phone application that, for example, counts the number of words that appear on the pages of thousands of sites. It is clear that an ordinary smartphone will not “pull” this task with its 2 gigabytes of RAM and a dual-core processor.

How to Use a Data Room without Spending Any Costs?

In fact, all programs are considered licensed – the difference between them lies in the type of agreement. When we talk, for example, about freeware, we are talking about a license agreement, which provides for the free use of the program’s functions.

Paid software is distributed in several ways: as a pre-installation with the purchase of a computer, in a box (installation CD), in an electronic license format. The latter option is considered the most common and convenient in our time.

Most often, the program can be downloaded on the developer’s website and purchased there, which opens access to all the features. A paid subscription option is also possible, which involves not a one-time payment, but a regular payment, depending on the selected tariff plan. In some cases, it may be more convenient.


  • regular updates;
  • active technical support;
  • access to all features without restrictions;
  • ensuring compatibility.


  • high price;
  • the need to track the terms of the license (in some cases).