Private internet access for Netflix

In this article, we will consider the functionality of Private internet access for Netflix.

The reason Netflix needs VPN

The age of streaming has brought many advantages over the old way of watching TV, but if there is one thing we are missing, it is the ability to broadcast live events and premieres. Of course, a lot of content can wait until the next day, using services like Hulu or iTunes to watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show the next night. However, other content, such as awards shows or sporting events, does require live television. Netflix is a platform that is a real success due to its large content catalog and the availability of its application on many devices.

Netflix is now available in almost every country and territory on the planet. But not all Netflix accounts are created equal. The largest library of the best movies and TV in the world is available exclusively on Netflix US. For many reasons, if you use Netflix outside of the US, you will be restricted from accessing any content on the US site. The reason for this difference in Netflix libraries is licensing and regulatory restrictions by content providers.

VPN works on the computer globally and redirects through the tunnel the work of all software installed on the computer. Any request – via chat, browser, cloud storage client, etc. Before reaching the recipient, it passes through a tunnel and is encrypted. Intermediate devices “confuse traces” through the encryption of requests and decrypt them only before sending them to the final destination. Your real IP address changes to the VPN server address. So all the websites you visit see it. For example, if you choose the Netherlands, the site will “assume” that traffic is coming from the Netherlands, making it difficult to collect and analyze information about you.

VPNs for Netflix 

Many great VPNs offer you all of the above, but when it comes to Netflix, many of them are not up to the task.

So, there is a list of available Netflix VPN services:

  1. NordVPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Surfshark
  4. CyberGhost
  5. HMA
  6. Private VPN
  7. Private internet access
  8. IPVanish

Private internet access – a useful option for streaming

Private Internet access is another VPN that you can use to view US Netflix. With 3,321 servers in 32 countries, it has a fast and stable network to keep in touch. The application is small and discrete and connects quickly. Private Internet access works with many different devices, so it’s easy to use, no matter what device you own.

Security features for private Internet access include:

  • Default AES-128 Encryption: The default private Internet access settings are not as high as encryption, which is supported by other VPN applications, but you can configure the encryption settings to a higher level of military security.
  • VPN Kill Switch: If your VPN is disconnected for any reason, your Internet connection is disconnected until you decide to reconnect.
  • IPv6 Leak Protection: This temporarily disables IPv6 to prevent accidental transmission of unwanted credentials to another source.
  • DNS Leakage Protection: Private Internet access directs all DNS requests through an unregistered DNS service, so there is no return to your original location.