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Avast silent mode – is it worth attention?

Avast Antivirus offers different types of subscription that basically just have various sets of additional features and price. Some of them are really useful, but you can only get them by paying significantly more for the improved version. It can be difficult and confusing for some users to learn about all the possibilities they can get using those functions. However, it is really important to understand this topic in order to be able to get the most out of the money you pay for the license.

What is Silent mode and what is the best way to utilize it?

Avast Silent Mode is one of the features that are actually worth attention. It can also be called a Gaming Mode instead. The basic idea behind it is to turn off all the notifications and warnings from the antivirus while the user is playing. Modern gamers might find this feature essential.

Main advantages of using Silent Mode:

  • Avast Antivirus will be running in the basic mode for the most of the time, except for when the user is in game. The Silent mode feature identifies the type of your activity and changes the way the antivirus application functions.
  • All of the important notification and warnings will be shown to the user when the gaming session is over. It means that you will not be distracted during your gameplay but still will not miss anything important.
  • It can be adjusted, so you can use it not only with games but also with particular applications of your choice. It may be something you do your work with or just relax. This function can make the experience of using the computer so much more pleasant.
  • The level of protection remains on the same high level. Even though the notifications are silenced, essential background scanning processes still execute their tasks.

As you might have already suggested, this feature will be the most attractive for the active gamers that care for their computer’s protection.

Why should you try Silent mode out?

Some of the surveys show that one of the most annoying and unattractive features of Avast antivirus and such programs overall is constant notifications and pop-up windows that usually get in the way and distract from activities, for the majority of users.

Reasons to use Silent mode:

  • Even though it can be found only in the Premier version of Avast Antivirus, the price for it is still very competitive.
  • It is much safer to use this mode than to disable antivirus at all while you are gaming. Once you will understand its benefits you will not be able to abandon it.


Set of additional features is what creates the demand on the modern antivirus application for the most part. Silent mode is one of the functions that can find recognition between all groups of users due to its versatility and convenience.