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How to Remove Activate Windows 10 Watermark 2020?

Have you noticed a weird watermark that says you must activate your Windows 10? The big sign is usually at the bottom of the screen. It won’t do any damage to your device, but it’s better to take action. Learn why it appeared and what to do about it in the article below.

The Meaning of the Watermark

If your screen has this watermark, the software must not have been activated. Many articles recommend changing the registry to eliminate the issue. While it’s possible, the risks are too high for inexperienced users. Let’s discover some other popular ways one may remove this watermark in 2020.

3 Main Strategies to Try

Those who know computers well may try one of the following three ways. They are helpful in this situation.

First of all, more advanced users may change the registry. By changing the value of the PaintDesktopVersion from one to zero, one can eliminate the watermark.

Another solution, that appears much simpler than the first one, is to use a code in order to remove the watermark. There is no need to be good at coding. However, one must learn how to create the right code. Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on various articles that offer ready-made codes for this issue.

Method three implies using KMS to deal with the issue. If the watermark bothers you, getting the KMS client product key could become a reasonable way out. The web is full of license keys. Pick the one that works for your OS version.

Alternative Solutions

In case you don’t feel like coding or changing the registry, you may opt for another solution. For instance, users may use third-party software like Microsoft Toolkit, KMSPico, or others. While the first one is more general and packed with various features, the other one works as an activator for Windows and Office software.

Besides, users can get another trial version. It’ll bring another 90-180 days of using the OS without this watermark.

The Purchase Option Is Always on the Table

Users may also remove the Activate Windows 10 watermark choosing a traditional solution. Simply purchase the product key and activate the software as it requests. It’s the simplest and most reliable method on the list.

Bottom Line

Users with a trial version of Windows 10 often discover a huge watermark after the 90-day trial period is over. It seems annoying to many. That’s why most of them start looking for ways to eliminate it. Today, we’ve discussed several popular methods. The simplest ones are to get another trial version and use it without a watermark for another 90 days or purchase the license key.

Those who are more confident in their computer skills could try more complicated solutions. From coding and special software, everyone will find some suitable ways of resolving the situation. Yet, you shouldn’t take unnecessary risks. Pick the method you feel confident about and avoid changing the registry.